7. June 2019

Keratin Treatment

Keratin Treatment – What is it?
A keratin treatment is a way to get your hair smoother as much as you wish, which can especially be a great help to you with many curls, as it can reduce the time you need to blow your hair in 40% – 60%. If you imagine curly hair like a twisted staircase and smooth hair as a ladder, where the steps are what keeps it all together. If you can free up the steps, you can build a twisted staircase to a ladder, and it’s a bit the same way a keratin treatment works.

Is a keratin treatment dangerous?
keratin treatment is not dangerous with the new methods, but it is true that it was very damaging to the hair before. In the past, formaldehyde was used to break the tapes in the hair in order to build the steps and make the spiral stairs to a ladder, but as you know, formaldehyde is not very good to use – if you want to avoid harsh chemicals, of course. That is why a keratin treatment was dangerous before, and nowadays it still is, if you do not keep an eye on the ingredients used in the product.

Here at Adrianas Hår we use Keratin called “Gold” from Jean Paul Myne, for the simple reason that we love the finished result, but cannot protrude formaldehyde. Keratin Gold is a combination of organic and botanical extracts that ensure the smoothest effects, penetrating deep into the core of the hair, and strengthening the salt bindings and sulphur bridges there are. The product can be used for all hair types, and it helps keep your hair smooth for about 3 months and preferably more.

How do I extend the effect of my keratin treatment?
A Keratin Gold treatment keeps your hair perfectly as mentioned before, for about 3 months. And still longer if you extend treatment from a short to a long treatment and use products that maintain the effect. We advise you, of course, on what best suits your situation and your hair type.

Keeps the effect even after the bath or when the hair gets wet?

Do you know that hair curls extra much when it is humid or raining? What are you talking about – rain in Denmark? I’ve never seen that!

Okay, it’s a hassle to try to keep the hair nice and smooth in our climate, without going crazy with the straightening iron, but that’s why it’s so delicious to experience the difference before and after a keratin treatment. To get your hair smooth, you just need to use a blow dryer (to blow dry extends the effect too – so Hey double bonus!). A very different reason why it might be advantageous to blow the hair, especially right after treatment, is that the botanical and organic ingredients have a very distinctive fragrance.

Once you’ve got a keratin treatment, you don’t have to worry about the hair curls uncontrollable when it’s damp.

What do I get out of a Jean Paul Myne Gold Keratin treatment?
In addition to avoid all the harmful products mentioned earlier, you get smooth and strong hairs that are simultaneously glossy, beautiful and healthy. It is important that you check up on the products before. There are unfortunately many on the market where the content is not as comfortable as it could be. It is also why a keratin treatment is not a do-it-yourself project unless you have 100% control of what you get in the hair.

What if I have colored my hair?
When a keratin gold treatment is performed, the ingredients penetrate and smooth out the hair. As it is thus inside and changing the hair itself, it also affects the color. The hair can become lighter, or more golden if you are blond.

It can become a significant detail with more life in your hair, but it may also be that you think it changes the color so much that you prefer to get a new hair dye. It cannot be avoided that there is a colour effect, so you should do it if you want straight hair, and after 12 days you can dye the hair again. You must also not have coloured the hair within 12 days prior to your keratin treatment.

If you want to regulate the color of the day itself, you can use Organic Touch, which has a good together game with keratin treated hair.

Keratin Treatment and Pregnancy
Keratin Gold does not contain formaldehyde or other toxic ingredients, and if it should be desired to study what the product contains, then Jean Paul Myne has put the INCI list out so that you can read and judge if you cannot tolerate any of the ingredients. At Adrianas Hår, we naturally respect that many pregnant women do not want any kind of technical treatment, and it is up to the individual choice.

Is it recommended to be cut in together with a keratin treatment?
When the hair is smoothed out there will be a lot of bumps that become very visible. The same applies to the worn-out tips you have that really get the chance to show off. Uneven and worn hair is not the look that is trending at the moment, so it can certainly be a consideration worth getting the hair cut in the same lap.

Can I get a keratin treatment if I am under the age of 16?
Yes, you can do that. The same rules apply as if you want to have your hair colored. You just need one of your parents to sign/approve the treatment.

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